Basic Frame
Treatment System

Plants conduct efficient treatment as follows

  • Thorough separation and collection by the participating nine (9) municipalities
  • Thorough RDF quality management by regular inspection
  • Reduction in collection costs by systematization of transportation method
  • Preparation of optimum size storage facilities
We aim to realize a resource recycling society through effective use of unused energy, slag and metal resources.
RDF Manufacturing Facilities:
7 facilities
Fukuyama City RDF Plant
Waste Treatment Capacity 300t/day
(Fukuyama City)
Fuchu City Clean Center
Waste Treatment Capacity 60t/day
(Fuchu City)
Dream Energy Center (RDF Facilities)
Waste Treatment Capacity 42t/day
(Otake City)
Eco Center Hatsukaichi
Waste Treatment Capacity 102t/day
(Hatsukaichi City)
Clean Center Jinseki
Waste Treatment Capacity 11t/day
(Jinseki Kogen-cho)
Shobara City Tojo Clean Center
RDF Generation Facilities
Waste Treatment Capacity 19t/day (Shobara City)
Eco Wise Center
Waste Treatment Capacity 16t/day (Kose Sanitation Association: Sera-cho, Mihara City, Onomichi City)
Commercialization Scheme

We promote smooth operation of business under the following scheme that encompasses many stakeholders.